5 reasons leaflets are still important in the digital age to promote your business or service

We live in a highly digitised marketing world and a lot of marketing spend now goes on online marketing channels such as websites, web-banners, Pay-per-click advertising on google etc, social media, email, the list goes on….

Leaflets can be considered a more traditional form of marketing, and perhaps by some a less important form of marketing – however that is definitely not the case, and leaflets or flyers should still play a very important part of the marketing mix to promote your business or service, and below are 5 reasons why leaflets are still very important in marketing and should not be neglected:

#1 Digital marketing is a saturated market place.

We are all constantly bombarded online with ads and in email & social media with adverts trying to get our attention. Many of us now just switch off and learn to ignore these digital marketing messages. And with digital marketing spend increasing year on year – there is more and more stuff trying to get our attention online – and we switch off. But due to many businesses spending more on digital and less, or even none on traditional print – that leaves less competition in the physical real world beyond the digital realm, so leaflets can appeal to those people who have learned to switch off to marketing messages when online. In essence it’s harder to switch off to a leaflet that has been posted through your door, that it is just just delete an email or click to leave a web-page.




#2 You can’t beat a physical, tangible thing that you can hold and keep!

If designed well and effectively to appeal to your target audience, a leaflet can be a thing of beauty and interest, which compels a potential customer to pick it up and read. We like physical objects, and as well as the design, the print, paper choice and finish can further convey a touch of quality and professionalism. Digital forms of communication just don’t have this tangible quality. What’s more – if your leaflet really appeals to your audience  – then it is much easier for them to keep the leaflet as a reminder to actually follow up on it and either call, email or visit a website. Its a constant physical reminder to do something about the leaflet.


If designed well with effective content then a good leaflet is hard to ignore for your target audience.

#3 Leaflets contain a powerful message

Because leaflets are a relatively small piece of paper, often only single or double-sided, then by their very nature they force you to condense and distill your marketing message, get to the point and summarise the key benefits of your business or service in a nut shell. In our time poor world – where potential customer attention spans are minimal, then a leaflet with a clear and concise message is likely to really appeal to someone as a first point of contact to someone who has not come across your business or service before – and inturn this powerful message can lead to greater leads and increased enquiries.


#4 Leaflets are easy to distribute

Because of their small size and weight – leaflets can be really easy to distribute and display. There are multiple ways of getting your message out their through your leaflet, and this can take the form of displaying your leaflet in places where lots of people will see them, such as receptions, display dispensers, delivered with magazines & newspapers, delivered door to door. It all depends on who you are targeting – so when you have identified your key audience, then you can choose the best way to reach this audience with your leaflet


A leaflet that is distribute din the right place to the right audience is hard to ignore for potential customers.

#5 Leaflets are relatively cheap to produce

In terms of printing marketing materials, leaflets can offer the biggest bang for your marketing buck, as they can cost from as little as 4p a leaflet (eg. For an expert design service including print and delivery, I charge £200 for 5000 leaflets) So a potential new customer for only an initial 4p spend is an excellent return on investment really. You might think you can really cut costs by choosing the cheapest design service out there, or worse do it yourself, but if you don’t understand how to create the most effective leaflets then this money would be a wasted investment (and may even cause damage to peoples perception of your business). So choose very wisely when you to decide who to get to design and print your leaflets.




Blog post by Stuart Hodgson – The Leaflet Design Guru

“Quality leaflet/flyer design is an investment, not a cost – because a well designed leaflet will generate more business and interest for you” Stuart Hodgson

With over 15+ years commercial graphic design experience – I have designed a lot of leaflets/flyers in that time and won some awards, and a lot of my graphic design services are now specifically for the design and print of leaflets/flyers. This is largely due to the success of my web-site over at www.leafletguru.co.uk (check it out after reading this post to see my full creative leaflet design portfolio and get some creative inspiration).

I tend to get a lot of repeat customers now, which for me is very satisfying as I guess that implies that I provide a great leaflet/flyer design service and proves that I know a thing or two about designing a quality leaflet that stands out from the crowd and gets the results and creates the impact my clients need. I therefore thought I would share some of the knowledge I have gained in this specialised area in my blog to help in the understanding of how to create a great looking, engaging and effective leaflet/flyer that gets great results.

If you are interested in using my leaflet design services then pay a visit to my website at www.leafletguru.co.uk to see the quality of my work – or email me straight away at hello@stuart-hodgson.com


If you need a leaflet designing and printing then check out www.leafletguru.co.uk first!




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