About the Leaflet Guru

The Leaflet Guru is infact me, Stuart Hodgson, an award winning, professional graphic designer based in the North-East of England and the author of all the posts & tips featured on this leaflet design & print blog.

In car eyou were thinking, I don’t have a long beard, I can’t levitate and I’m not really a Guru 🙂 But I have been a commercial graphic designer and marketeer for over 15 years now, so I do know more than most about what makes an effective leaflet as I’ve been designing them for ages and I have developed a vast range of experience to know what really works and what doesn’t, and what works for particular clients, services & industries.

So I set up this blog to share my insider knowledge and experience to compliment my own leaflet design & print service, and to help people understand what makes an effective leaflet. I often refer my new clients to various pages on this blog for tips, so I’ve tried to make it as good a resource as possible. I hope it proves of use to anyone who comes across it!

On reading this blog – you may come to the realisation that there are many things that go into designing an effective leaflet – and it’s not as easy as it first seems. I often tell people that well-designed leaflets are an investment and not a cost – as ultimately an effective leaflet designed by an experienced pro will bring in more business for you – so it really is worth investing in a professional to design & print your leaflets! And that’s where I plug myself – so  if your are in need of a leaflet designing & printing – then please check out my website dedicated to promoting my leaflet design & print service by visiting – http://www.stuart-hodgson.com/leaflets.html

Furthermore, As well as leaflets I design and print almost anything – you name it – I’ve probably done it – so if you need any help with any design or print project then get in touch! You can also find out more about my general freelance graphic design work here – http://www.stuart-freelance-designer.co.uk

But back to the blog, whether your a business owner, a designer just starting out – or just in need of some inspiration and tips – I hope the blog is of use!


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