Why leaflets can get more customers to use a pharmacy

Leaflets have long been a popular tool for promoting businesses, and pharmacies are no exception. Leaflets are a simple yet effective way of getting information about your pharmacy out to potential customers. They are a cost-effective marketing tool that can help you reach a wide audience and generate new business. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why leaflets are useful to promote a pharmacy.

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How to make a flyer for a pharmacy

If you own or manage a pharmacy, you know that marketing your business is essential to attract new customers and retain existing ones. One way to promote your pharmacy is by creating a flyer that highlights your services, products, and promotions. In this article, we will discuss the steps you need to follow to make an effective flyer for your pharmacy.

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10 Creative Charity Leaflet Design Ideas

Creative leaflet design ideas to get your charity noticed

Designing leaflets for a charity requires a great deal of expertise to ensure that the leaflet gets noticed and gets results for a charity. Every charity is obviously different, with different needs, objectives, associated messaging, brand identiy and target audience types. An effective charity leaflet design will usually have a distinctive, on-brand, visual style to stand out, a strong engaging headline, complimentary imagery and supporting text copy to sell the benefits and outcomes of a particular charity. Finally there will be strong calls to action for the audience to take the next step.

I have designed many charity leaflets and here are 10 creative leaflet designs that I have done for various charities. As you can see the creative design style may change, but the high impact and excellent results of the leaflet campaigns remains constant.

charity leaflet design print service ideas marketing creative ideas
An impactful charity leaflet design for Leprocy Mission – on side 1 the text copy is kept to a minimum and the bespoke illustration grabs attention quite well. Side of the leaflet design is where we place most of the text content to persuade people to volunteer.
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Corona Virus (Covid-19) – information leaflets & posters ready to print

With the global devastation caused by the Corona Virus – below are some information leaflets & posters from the UK National Health Service that are ready to print.

Stuart from the http://leafletguru.co.uk is willing to print these in either leaflet or poster format at a reduced print rate to ship anywhere in the UK. If you require any – email Stuart: hello@stuart-hodgson.com

Prices for leaflets
250 = £50
500 = £70
1000 = £90


Leaflet 1. Corona Virus – isolation information – double-sided a5 leaflet.


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6 creative typographic music poster designs

I know this blog is about leaflets – but a key part of making a leaflet stand out is creative use of typography and fonts, so it is well worth looking for inspiration elsewhere for creative use of typography and writing – and below you will find 6 good examples of creative use of typography all to do with Music Posters (all of which are actually for sale over at https://graphicsound.bigcartel.com )

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Creating a strong Pharmacy brand identity on a leaflet to carry through into other marketing materials

Pharmacy leaflet design chemist logo

Initially Tamworth Pharmacy approached me to just design a new leaflet for them. It was the first time the Pharmacy had produced a leaflet – so careful thought had to be given on how to create a brand style that would show the Pharmacy in the best light and portray a trustworthy & professional image. Much thought was given to graphic elements like colours, fonts and image style – and the look had to be clean and easy to understand the key services.

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Pharmacy & chemist leaflet/flyer design templates to increase customers & grow sales


Because of the need for a Pharmacy or Chemist to quickly increase customers, Stuart at http://www.leafletguru.co.uk has designed and developed an effective Pharmacy leaflet template which any Pharmacy can now customise with their own logo, contact details and list of services. The results have been proven and this leaflet is a perfect way to distribute in the local area and get customers through the door.

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7 tips to design the best Pharmacy leaflets

Pharmacy leaflet design chemist logo

A 6 page DL information leaflet design for Tamworth Pharmacy. The leaflet immediately gives a professional and trustworthy first impression, key services stand-out, a 10% off offer is placed on the leaflet to get new customers in to the Pharmacy and a clear and useful map is used to help new customers actually find the Pharmacy

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