7 dentist leaflet / flyer design examples for creative ideas and inspiration

I’ve have designed a lot of leaflets for dentists and they come to me because they know it’s important to use a designer that is experienced in the dental industry and who can also help apply their brand identity and key messaging to other related design, print & marketing tasks.

7 creative examples of my dentist leaflet designs which show the importance of brand identity:

Dentist leaflet design 1:

N6 dental Practice, Highgate, London


N6 Dental was a brand new dental practice and they came to me to develop a visual identity for a leaflet which could be rolled out across other leaflets and in business cards and appointment cards. As you can see the look & feel I developed compliments the logo very and uses similar fonts & colour schemes to maintain a consistent brand identity. This leaflet itself has simple messaging to make new patients aware of this dentist, with clear contact info and information about the practice. Imagery helps to give the leaflet instant appeal and immediately signify the this is a professional dentist.

Here you can see how the visual style I created for the N6 Dental leaflet above could also be applied to other leaflets within the Dental practice to give a consistent design style across all marketing items to ensure a professional image is portrayed at all times

Dentist leaflet design 2:

Dental Smiles Dental Practice


Leaflet design 1: Dental Smiles wanted a vibrant, colourful and visually appealing leaflet.


Leaflet design 2: Dental Smiles have other services in house and here you can see that whilst the content is quite different from leaflet 1 – use of a consistent look & feel helps show patients that this new beauty service is from the same trusted practice that they are already aware of.

Dentist leaflet design 3:

Aberdeen Dental Care

This dental practice wanted a leaflet design style that promoted a premium service as they also offered beauty services – so black features quite prominently to convey a sense of style, which is a little bit different to most colour palettes used in promoting dentists

Dentist leaflet design 4:

Bourbon Street Dental Care


They say pictures can say a thousand words – and they also help get across a message much more quickly than words. With this in mind –  nice photos of teeth and smiles are essential to immediately convey an aspirational message to potential dental patients

Dentist leaflet design 5:

Beech House Dental Practice


Dentist leaflet design 6:

Ciao Paolo Dental Practice


Dentist leaflet design 7:

And finally…

For all my dental clients – they use me as they understand that it’s vital to have a one-stop-shop design service that can cater to all their design and marketing needs and to also have a designer that has a thorough understanding of their brand, their dental industry and their customers.

Blog post by Stuart Hodgson – The Leaflet Design Guru

Visit www.leafletguru.co.uk/leaflet-design-dentist to find out more about my Dentist Leaflets

“Quality leaflet/flyer design is an investment, not a cost – because a well designed leaflet will generate more business and interest for you” Stuart Hodgson With over 15+ years commercial graphic design experience – I have designed a lot of leaflets/flyers in that time and won some awards, and a lot of my graphic design services are now specifically for the design and print of leaflets/flyers. This is largely due to the success of my web-site over at www.leafletguru.co.uk (check it out after reading this post to see my full creative leaflet design portfolio and get some creative inspiration). I tend to get a lot of repeat customers now, which for me is very satisfying as I guess that implies that I provide a great leaflet/flyer design service and proves that I know a thing or two about designing a quality leaflet that stands out from the crowd and gets the results and creates the impact my clients need. I therefore thought I would share some of the knowledge I have gained in this specialised area in my blog to help in the understanding of how to create a great looking, engaging and effective leaflet/flyer that gets great results. If you are interested in using my leaflet design services then pay a visit to my website at www.leafletguru.co.uk to see the quality of my work – or email me straight away at hello@stuart-hodgson.com

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