5 Tips on designing leaflets and marketing materials for Dentists

I’ve designed a lot of leaflets for various industries over the years, and one industry I specialise in as the Leaflet Guru is designing leaflets and marketing materials for Dentists & Dental Practices all over the UK. I think to work in this area – you need a really good understanding of the Dental industry and need to understand that there is a certain image/message that needs to be conveyed for all Dentists.

So below are my 5 tips on designing effective leaflets & marketing materials for Dentists:


Teeth, teeth, teeth! First and foremost all dental flyers must immediately convey nice teeth! It may sound obvious – but everyone who goes to a dentist aspires to have better teeth – so imagery is key here in getting across the professionalism of a dental practice. I’m told by my client , Bourbon Street Dental Care, that this leaflet was very effective in getting new customers.

5 Top Tips for designing the best Dentist Leaflet & Marketing materials:

#1 Understand the common messages you need to project – all dentists by their very nature need to communicate a highly professional & reassuring image and through the design style & tone – the design must convey notions of cleanliness, modernity and professionalism.

#2 Understand what graphic elements can help you do this. At a basic level – colour can play a vital role – often the hues of blues/greens/whites & neutrals can help to convey a clean, trustworthy and healthy image. Modern, crisp, clean sans-serif fonts can also help to project associated messages.


# 3 Utilise effective imagery. It may be cliched, but images  can say a thousand words, and  it may seem obvious – but imagery & photos in dental marketing materials should convey imagery of people & teeth that customers aspire to have. It’s a fine line though between realistic portrayals and cheesy images – so choose carefully! And also try to give a breadth of the kind of customers you want to attract, both male/female, young/old and from various ethnic backgrounds relative to your location.


This client of mine, The Family Dental Practice, wanted a simple flyer for a leaflet drop to promote the opening of this new dentist. As you can see, colour and a simple layout can help portray a clean and professional image for a dental practice

# 4 Communicate your message simply & effectively. There can be a tendency to over complicate the content in flyers and other marketing collateral – but experience has taught me that less is certainly more, specifically for dental related materials. Short, concise benefit-led copy really helps convince the audience of the excellent service on offer.


This leaflet I designed combines all the best elements of an effective leaflet for a dental practice – such as the most appropriate imagery, clean layout, fresh & vibrant colours, clean typography and s strong Call to Action with clear presentation of contact details.

# 5 Give a call Call to Action and contact details. Ultimately – as with any marketing collateral – we want customers to act upon the information they have seen – so that means giving clear and direct ways for customers to take the next step, so include clearly any phone/email/postal & web addresses.


If you get all of the above right – you are well on your way to designing a highly effective leaflet or piece of marketing material for a Dental Practice! I should know – as I’ve


Blog post by Stuart Hodgson (Freelance Graphic Designer & Leaflet design expert!)

With over 15+ years commercial graphic design experience – I have designed a lot of leaflets/flyers in that time, across many industries including quite a few for dental practices and I’ve also won some awards. Consequently a lot of my graphic design services is now specifically for the design and print of leaflets/flyers. This is largely due to the success of my web-site over at www.leafletguru.co.uk (check it out after reading this post to see my full creative leaflet design portfolio and get some creative inspiration).

I tend to get a lot of repeat customers now, which for me is very satisfying as I guess that implies that I provide a great leaflet/flyer design service and proves that I know a thing or two about designing a quality leaflet that stands out from the crowd and gets the results and creates the impact my clients need. I therefore thought I would share some of the knowledge I have gained in this specialised area in my blog to help in the understanding of how to create a great looking, engaging and effective leaflet/flyer that gets great results.

If you are interested in me designing leaflet or marketing/stationary for your Dental Practice – check out my website over at www.leafletguru.co.uk to show the quality of my work – or email me at hello@stuart-hodgson.com


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