What’s the difference between a flyer and a leaflet?

I design a lot of leaflets/flyers – and I often get asked – what is the difference between a flyer & a leaflet? So in this blog post I would like to provide a brief overview of what the difference is between a leaflet and a flyer.

This is what i would call a leaflet - a sample of my leaflet/flyer design and print services

This is what I would call a leaflet – whilst incorporating best practice design principles in the same way as a flyer – the content is much heavier than a flyer

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Leaflet sizes, fold options and printing formats

There are many different kinds of leaflet page size formats that you can use for your leaflet designs. What leaflet size you go for depends on how you plan to distribute or display your leaflet and how much content you have really and what space you need to most effectively communicate your leaflet content. The most common leaflet sizes in the UK are based on the standard ‘A’ series, so A6, A5, A4 etc etc and also the DL size (1/3 A4) .

My most popular leaflet size is the A5 format (and usually double-sided to make the most of both sides) The A5 leaflet works well to either hand-out in person, post through a letterbox or display in a dispenser. For clients who need more space I recommend a 4 page A5 leaflet which is basically an A4 leaflet folded in half. See below for the specific dimensions of all popular paper sizes and in particular the popular leaflet sizes of A5, A6 and Dl (1/3 A4) :


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