Creating a strong Pharmacy brand identity on a leaflet to carry through into other marketing materials

Pharmacy leaflet design chemist logo

Initially Tamworth Pharmacy approached me to just design a new leaflet for them. It was the first time the Pharmacy had produced a leaflet – so careful thought had to be given on how to create a brand style that would show the Pharmacy in the best light and portray a trustworthy & professional image. Much thought was given to graphic elements like colours, fonts and image style – and the look had to be clean and easy to understand the key services.

In designing an effective leaflet – you are also laying the foundation for a strong brand identity to be consistently applied in other marketing materials

A pharmacy does not just require leaflets though – and in time I have developed a range of marketing materials for Tamwoth Pharmacy – such as pull-up banners, posters in various sizes and counter signage.

As you can see below – because careful consideration was given to the initial leaflet design – elements of that can also be effectively rolled out into other mediums in a consistent manner – so that now the customers of this Pharmacy now recognise the brand and anything related to this Pharmacies services.


Pharmacy pull-up banner promoting flu-shots:



Pharmacy counter-signage promoting flu-shots:

Introducing our newest pharmaceutical drug

Pharmacy posters promoting flu-shots:

Let us help you fight the winter blues!


Pharmacy counter signage promoting prescription text alerts:

Introducing our newest pharmaceutical drug


Pharmacy poster promoting prescription text alerts:



Well I hope you have found that blog post useful. I have personally designed a lot of leaflets and marketing materials for Pharmacies and know exactly what works to appeal to customers, head over to if you would like to find out more about my leaflet design & print service.


Blog post by Stuart Hodgson – The Leaflet Design Guru

“Quality leaflet/flyer design is an investment, not a cost – because a well designed leaflet will generate more business and interest for you” Stuart Hodgson

With over 15+ years commercial graphic design experience – I have designed a lot of leaflets/flyers in that time and won some awards, and a lot of my graphic design services are now specifically for the design and print of leaflets/flyers. This is largely due to the success of my web-site over at (check it out after reading this post to see my full creative leaflet design portfolio and get some creative inspiration).

I tend to get a lot of repeat customers now, which for me is very satisfying as I guess that implies that I provide a great leaflet/flyer design service and proves that I know a thing or two about designing a quality leaflet that stands out from the crowd and gets the results and creates the impact my clients need. I therefore thought I would share some of the knowledge I have gained in this specialised area in my blog to help in the understanding of how to create a great looking, engaging and effective leaflet/flyer that gets great results.

If you are interested in using my leaflet design services then pay a visit to my website at to see the quality of my work – or email me straight away at


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